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What is Retrofitting?

State and local ordinance requirements that are mandated at point of sale. This service involves the act of modifying, upgrading, replacing and/or installing specific elements in a dwelling in order to facilitate compliance with the safety and conservation requirements of city and state ordinances. Local requirements vary from city to city. Call us for your city’s point of sale requirements.
In California, the law requires buyers and sellers to submit to a number of requirements intended to safeguard the wellbeing of the inhabitants of a structure, the structure’s integrity and the environment. Included are the following requirements:

1. Water conservation (Ultra low-flush toilets and low flow shower heads)
Install Ultra low flush toilets and low flow shower heads per city ordinances.

2. Automatic Seismic gas shut-off valves
Install automatic “Earthquake Valves” to comply with laws to prevent fire or explosion.

3. Water heater strapping and bracing
Anchor water heaters to comply with laws to prevent gas, electrical or water hazard in earthquakes.

4. Smoke detectors
Install alarms to comply with laws requiring hard wired and/or battery operated smoke alarms.

5. Carbon monoxide
Install alarms to comply with laws to signal the presence of dangerous CO levels.

6. Sliding door impact hazard glazing
Install safety film to meet requirements for sliding glass doors that are not tempered glass.

Don’t Close Without Escrow Without a Certificate of Compliance

Blue Cloud Exterminators provides the seller or escrow with a certified statement of compliance. The comprehensive statement will certify that the residence is in full compliance with all of the appropriate retrofitting requirements for the property. Our statement of compliance along with the Certificate of Compliance shall be used as an official transaction document, relieving the seller and agent of the liability associated with retrofitting compliance. Call us today at 213-700-6408 to schedule an appointment.

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